Why companies
choose Fleekdrive

Supporting the utilization of corporate information assets based on advanced security

Fleekdrive is an enterprise online storage service. In addition to telework, file sharing with overseas sites and collaborative editing, Fleekdrive supports the utilization of information assets with features catering to business needs including enhanced security, business streamlining and the utilization of video.

Support for
telework adoption

As part of measures to prevent COVID-19 infections, more and more companies have introduced telework and remote work.  If your organization has already introduced Fleekdrive but is unsure of how to utilize it for telework, feel free to contact us for a consultation.

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We solve various issues that companies face.

  • Security

    We protect information assets with robust infrastructure and extensive functionality.

  • Business streamlining

    Automation features reduce the time taken to perform simple daily tasks.

  • Detailed permission settings

    Set permissions on a per-user basis for safe file sharing.

  • Utilization of video content

    Large video files can be played back without having to be downloaded.

  • Reducing administrator workload

    Various features minimize the hassle for administrators.


Online storage specifically designed for enterprises

  • Strong security based on AWS

    Fleekdrive uses Amazon Web Services (AWS), which utilizes could services with excellent safety and fault tolerance in its infrastructure. Once files are uploaded to Fleekdrive data is saved unto three servers geographically distributed across Japan therefore greatly reducing chances of data loss in the case of a natural disaster or other unexpected events. In addition to 24/7, year-round monitoring of data centers by security personnel, risks of information leaks are kept to a minomum.

  • Fleekdrive offers a range of in-depth features to protect confidential information.

    From access restrictions to virus checks, our systems are equipped with a wide range of features to ensure the safe sharing of files. We prevent data erasure, virus infections and information leaks to protect your information assets.

  • Using our mobile app, files can be safely accessed from outside your company.

    Mobile apps can be remotely managed on a per-device basis in anticipation of the risk of a device being lost or stolen. Restrictions are also placed on visibility and sharing of files with other apps to prevent information leaks.

    Mobile access
Pricing plans

Fleekdrive has built up a track record catering to the specific needs of various companies, from major global corporations employing thousands of people to start-up companies with a few dozen employees.

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