What is Fleekdrive?

File sharing and management that facilitates workstyle reforms

Fleekdrive is an enterprise online storage service that lets users effectively utilize enterprise information assets internally and externally. Fleekdrive enables fast and safe information exchanges across a range of business scenarios, from exchanging information while working at home or in a satellite office, to using mobile communications to share files in the field.

  • File sharing
  • Collaborative file editing
  • Document management

Fleekdrive Features

Makes business files accessible at any time, and from anywhere.
Expands the possibilities of telework and collaborative work across different offices for companies with a global footprint.

  1. FEATURE 01

    An interface that is easy to use for everyone

  2. FEATURE 02

    Extensive admin features

  3. FEATURE 03

    Thorough security environment


An interface that is easy to use for everyone

Tree view

The folder hierarchy can be understood at a glance, simplifying management and display.

Browser preview

Even large files can be viewed in the browser without downloading.

File distribution

Even large files can be safely shared without the need for email attachments.

Public space

Files can be easily shared with users that do not have accounts using URLs.

File chat

Comments or instructions can also be attached to files, entirely on Fleekdrive.

Mobile app

Shared files can be easily accessed even from outside the office.

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Extensive admin features

User management

Carry out bulk registrations, issue time-limited accounts and configure administrators.

Management of access permissions

Detailed access permissions can be configured by user or folder.

Workflow automation

Simple tasks such as sending emails to customers and giving in-departmental approval are automated.

IP address restrictions

Access restrictions can be placed according to source IP addresses to protect information assets.

PDF security

Prevent information leaks by restricting copying or printing.

Version management

When a file of the same name is uploaded, its different versions are automatically saved.

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Thorough security environment

  • AWS environment

    A cutting edge electronic monitoring system and multi-factor access control system are utilized. Data centers are staffed by trained security personnel 24/7, year-round, and access permissions are strictly managed to allow only the minimum required access.

  • Backup system

    When a file is uploaded, it is copied and stored redundantly on multiple devices located in at least three different sites within Japan.

  • Application-based protection

    To defend against outside attacks, measures are taken to deal with cross-site scripting (request parameters are converted into secure ones based on the actual situation to prevent malicious JavaScript from executing on the client side), cross-site request forgeries (preventing malicious scripts from running on the server) and SQL injection attacks.

Why companies choose Fleekdrive