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Enterprise Online Storage Service

Fleekdrive is an enterprise online storage service with robust security that lets users effectively utilize enterprise information assets internally and externally. With an interface that is easy for anyone to use and extensive admin features that cater to various business needs, Fleekdrive enables fast and safe information exchanges across a range of business scenarios. From exchanging information while working at home or in a satellite office, to using mobile communications to share files in the field.



Available to Everyone,
Any Time and Any Place.

As Fleekdrive can be accessed from anywhere 24/7, it helps those working remotely or at overseas sites, and helps to share files with those working in the field. The service also enables information to be easily and safely exchanged between all kinds of people, including clients and partners.

  • File sharing
  • Collaborative file editing
  • Mobile access


Safe File Sharing.

Various features are available to ensure that files can be shared securely, such as using password-protected download links to exchange files, setting access periods for folders, and inserting a watermark identifying the acquisition time and person when a PDF is downloaded.

  • Security
  • Document management
  • User / access management


Pursuing Streamlining Through
Business Automation.

Routine tasks such as email notifications when files are uploaded, approval from a supervisor and sharing to a customer can be executed automatically according to pre-registered rules. Contracts and other documents that require updating can be configured for email notification before their renewal dates based on meta information contained in the files.

  • Automation
  • Document management


Reassuring Support
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