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File Collaboration" beyond place and time.
To exploit team member's potential 100 % and
leads the best performance by the strongest team building.

Fleekdrive focuses on "collaborative work" where multiple people can collaborate on a single job, and not only manages and shares simple files, but also by collaborating and editing files while chatting in real time, the team will maximize collaborated task.
It is a new file collaboration platform regardless of telework, mobile work, and work style.

File sharing according to purposes and scenes

By changing the file sharing and delivery method depending on the purpose and work scenes, it realizes secure and convenient collaboration.

For example, the employee and the partner

Only display without download the file

Only display without download the file

To share the file with user without download.

It shares the important files such as design documents without giving to the user with the privilege settings to show them only on the browser. Since it doesn't need the file download, you can speed up your work without worrying about using old file.

For example, the sales personnel and the client

File delivery

File delivery

To the users who don't have the account.

If you want to send a file only once, such as product introduction document, file delivery is effective. It is also possible to check whether delivered file is downloaded or not.It has follow up function to the user who didn't receive the file.

For example, the marketing and the consumer

Issue the published URL

Issue the published URL

If the file needs to share with the user who has no account.

Bidirectional exchange, such as file addition and uploading, is also possible by issuing a URL for only the decided space. It is also possible to issue URLs for each file, and you can publish URLs of PDFs such as product catalogs and link them from your company's website.

For example, the head office and the factory

Synchronize cloud and local

Synchronize cloud and local

It's effective for sharing the latest file with many updates and multiple environments.

It is inefficient if you download files that frequently occur updates such as specifications and product manuals every time. Updated files are automatically synchronized to your computer. By synchronizing your computer at the workplace with the computer at home, it keeps up-to-date without your consciousness.

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Forefront collaboration
Real-time group work

Not only simple file management and sharing, but also edit a file by all together, you can reduce time such as confirmation waiting and interruption time by all together editing the same one file. Furthermore, by communicating in real time with chat, collaboration work speeds up.

You can visualize important and valuable files by doing "Like" to the file after creation, or rating such as "Three-Star!" to the file, and you can provide a mechanism that all project members notice valuable files naturally.

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Automate simple tasks

Workflows such as quotation/proposal application are automatically applied as a trigger of file uploading, and approval tasks such as conversion to PDF, movement of files to approved space are improved.

You can experience a seamless collaboration environment between team members.

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For marketers and creators
Also multimedia

For marketers and creators Also multimedia

It has functions specialized for photos and videos, such as passing and playing movies, browsing files created by Photoshop and Illustrator.

It builds value chains in cooperation with files

By connecting files between cloud services, you can maximize value added to your operations such as sales management, field service, personnel administration, marketing, internal education, and creation of various reports.

High security required for handling important files

Various security measures

Various security measures

Virus check

Measures against information leakage by PDF watermark

File encryption

Correspond to compliance

Correspond to compliance

Record all operations in the trail

Detailed access management

Audit function

Data center reliability

Data center reliability

Auto replication

Auto recovery

Third Party Authentication

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