Mobile app

Offering efficient use of mobile devices to work without hassle from outside the company

With a single mobile device, the efficiency of work in the field is dramatically improved and supported. Fleekdrive can be freely used from a mobile device, such as directly sharing images taken with a smartphone and viewing or sending large volumes of data. In the event a mobile device is lost, the smartphone application’s lock feature can be used to prevent information leaks.

Offline use

Files viewable from anywhere regardless of the internet environment

With this feature, files can be viewed offline, allowing users to concentrate on business with peace of mind without worrying about internet access, such as during a meeting in a meeting room that has poor reception. If files are downloaded in advance, they can be used for mobile-based proposals and meetings even when offline.

Image uploading

Upload images taken with a smartphone on the spot

Images taken with a smartphone camera can be uploaded at high speed and shared on the spot. If email notification settings are configured, other company personnel can automatically receive email notifications about a new upload, facilitating smooth business both inside and outside company premises.

Approval process

Carry out workflow approvals even from outside company premises

Workflow confirmation and approval can be performed from a mobile device without having to go to the office. This prevents the workflow from being stalled when the person responsible for approval is not in the office, achieving speedy internal approval operations.