Using movies in the business to go forward

The video distribution platform and Fleekdrive collaborated.
From movie production management to streaming CDN distribution.


Recently, cases have increased in which movies are used as corporate and product promotion tools and internal educational materials. However, there is a problem that streaming and management of large capacity video files is difficult. By linking with J-Stream Equipmedia, which is a video distribution platform used by more than 1,000 companies in Japan, Fleekdrive realizes it on a one-stop basis from the production management of movies to distribution, making it even more convenient to use movie files.

You can stream high-quality movies such as HD movies streaming on the browser just by uploading the video files.
Just uploading video files allows streaming playback of high quality video such as HD video on the browser. You can also embed the player in the product website with embedded tags.

You do not need to be particularly conscious of correspondence of video files to multi-device, because videos are delivered automatically by optimized method to each device to access, such as computer, smartphone, tablet etc. Enhanced file format that can be played!

We always provide a stable delivery environment via a solid distribution network (CDN) for large-scale access.


Inform things that are hard to communicate in documents

It’s effective to things hard to inform by documents, for example, such as emotion and intonation can be utilized according to the scene. Video usage in business is getting more and more attention.


For in-house training

You can inform sales talks which can not be conveyed by documents to new employees.
In addition, it’s possible to view it repeatedly regardless of time or place.


Production cost for in-house products doesn’t matter

It takes time to create a manual in order to communicate how to operate complex machines with documents.
You can shoot with your smartphone for in-house video.

Movie manual completed in a short time without cost.
For overseas members such as offshore, descriptions of operations that required translation for documents can also be shared immediately with movies.


Promotional video is available on the website

It’s possible to embed product description and promotional videos on our website.
You can easily start promotion using video.

Benefits of collaboration with Fleekdrive

In the systematically organized workspace, not only version and authority management, but also implemented with one stop until delivery.

Users simply upload files and ready to deliver!

We support video use in business scene.

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