Reason for being able to use it even for a large enterprise.

Benefits for large companies

Manage securely even if there are many people.

As the scale of the organization grows and the number of sharing bases increases, it becomes difficult to manage.

With Fleekdrive you can set up administrators for each group to register and manage organizations such as companies and to reduce the burden on system administrators.
The group administrator can edit the user information of the members in the group.
In addition, you can set and manage privileges given to group administrators individually.



Quickly extract shared members

When the number of shareholders increases, it becomes difficult to grasp to which space the person shares with privilege type.

You can immediately check on the display whom and what kind of authority it is shared for each space and extract it with CSV, so you can respond immediately at the time of audit.


Automatic monitoring to threaten actions (OP)

As well as collecting trails of user actions, you can monitor the recorded trails with the system. For example, if you define work hours, you can notify the administrator when there is access outside the office hours or when user addition is done more than the specified number of times within a certain period. Also, it is possible to output a report focused on specific actions such as user addition.


Distribute file after approval

When sharing a file with a person who does not have an account, you can use the delivery function to notify the download URL of the file. It’s possible that by activating the workflow before delivery and getting approval from the superiors, it prevents mistakes in the attachment file and the destination error, which is often caused by e-mail accidents, and prevents the person in charge from illegally sending the file.


Secured data in Japan

We use state-of-the-art electronic surveillance system and multi-element access control system. Trained security personnel are deployed to the domestic data center 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and the access authority is strictly managed to allow with the minimum necessary.


Single sign-on supported

Based on authentication information with Active Directory/OneLogin/HENNGE One/SeciossLink/TrustLogin, you can single sign on to Fleekdrive.

You don’t need to memorize many ID and password, you can use multiple services seamlessly.

Flexible environment and high security

Global environment

Japanese, English, Chinese are supported on the premise of being used in a global company. Language can switch individually according to the user.

User validity period

By setting the validity period of the user, you can save time and effort to invalidate or invalidate at the time of retirement or project termination.

Takeover function

You can take over files stored in the space of invalidated users due to retirement or change of project members.

Linkage by REST API

Linkage with other systems is possible using API. Functions that can be operated on the screen can also be executed from the program via the API.
It’s possible to make actions automatically such as create your own screen and file uploading and downloading link with other systems.

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