SOLXYZ Receives Order for Enterprise Online Storage Service “Fleekdrive” from Naked Inc..

SOLXYZ Co., Ltd.(Head Office: Tokyo Minato-ku, President: Akira Nagao, TSE: 4284) received order for Enterprise Online Storage Service “Fleekdrive” from Naked Inc.(Head Office: Tokyo Shibuya-ku, hereinafter called “Naked”), a creative company performing space using video and installation. Not only the events handled by the company, the use of “Fleekdrive” is expected to expand in collaboration with overseas partners.

Some of the key points that Naked uses Fleekdrive are followings below.

1. Video, graphic materials can be checked without launching the application

The company handles many images and videos can now preview these files on the browser, which makes easy to check on a variety of terminal devices without launching or preparing special software.

2. Secure file sharing with clients and partners

Our clients can now safely review production outputs and share data with partners with a highly secure environment.

3. User friendly interface

When distributing files inside and outside the company, the settings screen is easy to understand, and uploading files by dragging and dropping makes the operation easy.

Naked is planning, directing, and producing a flower experience-type art exhibition the “FLOWERS by NAKED 2018 Rondo” which is held at the Nihonbashi Mitsui Hall from January 23 (Tue) to February 26 (Mon). In this exhibition, “Fleekdrive” is used to share materials inside and outside the company.

About NAKED Inc.

A creative company by Video directors / designers / CG directors / writers, founded in 1997 by Ryotaro Muramatsu. NAKED continues creative activities such as movies / advertising / TV / installation regardless of media or genre. In recent years, various techniques such as projection mapping, art creation have been combined to produce a comprehensive production of space using light. Currently, more than 2 million people have been experienced the events and shows which are planned, directed and produced by the company.

Official Website:http://naked-inc.com/

<”FLOWERS by NAKED 2018 Rondo” Event>
An experience-type flower art event that has attracted over 250,000 people.
This time, the work will be renewed by fusing “flower, dance and music” in digital and analog with the theme of “Rondo”.
The event is held at Nihonbashi Mitsui Hall from Tuesday, from January 23 (Tue) to February 26 (Mon) 2018.

About Fleekdrive

“Fleekdrive” focuses on collaborative work where multiple people can collaborate on a single job, and not only manages and shares simple files, but also by collaborating and editing files while chatting in real time, the team will maximize collaborated task.
In addition, “Fleekdrive” helps improve business processes such as auto notification when updating a file and workflow.
It is a new file collaboration platform regardless of telework, mobile work and work style, which can utilize corporate information files effectively both inside and outside the company.

【Reference about services】

SOLXYZ Co., Ltd.
E-mail: sales@fleekdrive.com