Salesforce integration

Making Salesforce even more convenient and powerful service

Fleekdrive resolves some of the issues that occur with Salesforce file management, such as folder-level management, file size limitations and issues with disk capacity. Linking with the extensive file management features of Salesforce makes it possible to perform everything from management to sharing and distribution in a single stop.

Equipmedia integration

Utilizing video is just an upload away

Fleekdrive can integrate with the J-Stream Equipmedia video distribution platform. The integration supports everything from video production management to streaming CDN distribution, and website embedding can also be performed easily. This makes the use of videos easier and more accessible.
*Separate usage fees are required for integrated use with J-Stream Equipmedia.

Fleekform integration

A complete one-stop solution from form creation to storage and distribution

By integrating with our cloud-based form output service Fleekform, we properly cover everything up to operations after a form has been output, including form storage and sharing, and workflow automation.
*Separate usage fees are required for integrated use with Fleekform.

API integration

Achieving more flexible and easier use through integration with other systems

Integration with other systems is possible through the use of APIs. Customers can utilize the API to create unique screens, integrate with the systems they currently use, and perform automatic actions when files are uploaded or downloaded.