Browser preview

View files in the browser without apps or downloads

Major Office files (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and Adobe files (PSD, AI, EPS) can be easily viewed in a browser without having to launch an app. Playback of a wide range of files is supported, including 18 video formats and 13 audio formats.

File distribution

Safely share files without email attachments

Files can be shared from Fleekdrive without the need for email attachments, even if the user does not have a Fleekdrive account. Excellent security features are also available, such as setting a password for file receipt, restricting the number of downloads, and specifying a period of file availability. You can also use Fleekdrive to check who has received the files you distribute.

Public space

Share with users who don’t have accounts

This feature is effective when widely sharing multiple files with users who do not have accounts. By issuing and sharing a folder-specific URL, files can be viewed, downloaded and otherwise exchanged with anyone, whether or not they have an account. As folders can also be configured to allow uploads, files can also be collected from users without accounts.

Sharing link

Easily share files via URLs

Download URLs can be issued on a per-file basis. This is ideal for determining the people you want to allow to download each file, or when you only want to make some of the files in a folder publicly accessible.

Office add-in

Seamlessly edit files on the cloud in Office

This feature lets you edit an Office file (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) stored on Fleekdrive on a local PC in Office and upload it back to Fleekdrive. Files can be worked on in your regular Office apps without leaving data on the local PC.

Support for five languages

Enjoy smooth sharing with overseas sites as well

Japanese, English, Chinese, Spanish and Portuguese are supported. As each user can use their preferred language, file sharing with overseas site and smooth service usage is possible.

Fleekdrive desktop

The same work environment as in the company, any time and anywhere

The latest files can be viewed and edited online in real-time and and automatically synchronized. By configuring synchronization settings between a company PC and home PC, users can recreate the same work environment and view or edit files in real-time from anywhere.

Fleekdrive file server

Deploy the files on an internal company server straight to the cloud

Files stored on an internal company server can be automatically uploaded and stored in the cloud, facilitating the smooth sharing of files. Migrating to the cloud enables the files to be viewed from anywhere, and offers the enhanced feature of advanced distributed backups.