Automatic archiving of unused files

Files that are used often and files that are not used a lot can be classified and managed. Additionally, since files can be automatically deleted when a certain amount of time has passed after storage, regularly used folders can be kept well organized at all times.

Automatic file management

Automatic version updates and automatic deletion of old files

When a file with the same filename is uploaded, the original file is automatically retained as an old version. This makes it possible to record who made what changes and when, and also allows the old versions of files to be obtained as needed. By using the archive feature, it is possible to configure the automatic deletion of old files, automating management.

Filename search and full-text search

Strong search features to quickly find files and their contents

Files need to not only be stored, but be utilized effectively. Searches for text strings within files using AND, NOT and OR operators can be performed. In addition to Japanese, English and Chinese text searches are supported. Documents that have been used most frequently based on past downloads and other factors are displayed first, ensuring that users can find the information they want quickly.


Apply tags to files to categorize them based on use

Tags can be applied to files to categorize them and aid in file management and search. Tags are displayed in a tree structure. In addition to searching for the files you need, this feature helps with things like contract expiry management and managing the progress of projects.

AI image search

AI identifies images and automatically labels them

When an image is uploaded, an AI feature automatically identifies the image and labels it appropriately. Users can quickly find the image they are looking for, narrow down the search to similar images, and search for images more easily.

File update notifications

Eliminates the hassle and time to send emails

When a file is newly registered or updated an update notification is automatically sent, eliminating the hassle and time spent sending emails. Files in a folder can be sorted according to the “New / Update” icon, making it easy to tell which files are updated, and ensuring that the latest files are always shared.

No limitations on number of files

Large capacity with no limit on the number of files that can be saved

There is no limit on the number of files that can be saved. With a maximum size of 40GB for a single file, even large files can be saved.