User registration

Even a large number of people can be batch registered or updated without hassle

Instead of one at a time, users can be batch registered using a CSV file. When users are registered or updated, the information can be easily loaded into the system even when the number of users increases.

Group settings

Configure settings by department or team

Administrators can be set for each group, and group administrators are granted user admin and group admin privileges only within their designated group. With this structure, even when there are a large number of users, the administrative workload can be distributed.

Access permissions

Access and operating permissions can be set on a per-user basis

Detailed access permissions can be configured for each folder or file, allowing users to freely customize access.

List of per-user permissions

Understand settings at a glance with a list of permissions

Administrators can monitor the per-user and per-folder settings in list format. This eliminates uncertainty over which user can access which folders, facilitating secure management of access permissions.