Mobile work style

Anytime, anywhere, with anyone with mobile terminal

You can share your photos taken with smartphone, browse and send large-volume data, concurrently edit Office file while chatting. With one mobile terminal, efficiency of site work dramatically improves.

With smartphone, check Office files, PDF, images, and videos.
Securely utilize smartphones and tablets.


<Solution>Utilizing mobile devices to support field work furiously

<Sales presentation>Propose new materials smartly on the spot


Carrying heavy laptop and connect to a projector. Start up slowly and take time to prepare. If you have a tablet, you can easily present on the spot. You can propose by the tablet taken out through referring to the latest materials of the company.

<Urgent file transmission>File sharing with client even on remote location


Even with a sudden request, such as “I want you to send that file”, you can check the company’s materials with smartphone and send it immediately.

<Onsite work>Flexible work on the site with mobile terminal
Promotion of streamlining


You don’t need to bring thick manuals of paper etc. when you work onsite. With one tablet, you can always read the latest manuals at once.

<Security>Security for mobile terminals that can be used safely outside the company

Shared files are secured in app management
Restrict publication and file take-out with other applications


The user’s mobile terminal is managed remotely
Prevent information leakage by lock function even they lost/stolen the Lock and lock even if lost or stolen Prevent information leakage mobile terminal



What is BYOD?

It is called BYOD (Bring your own device) to bring mobile devices owned by employees to the workplace for use. The most worrying thing is leakage of information, but on the part of the enterprise side there is a merit that the company can save the cost of paying equipment and Employees can use their familiar equipment.
Quotation: IDC Japan press release on Jan. 17, 2013.


The file can be displayed offline.
You can concentrate on business without worrying about the radio wave condition.

No worry about meeting in the meeting room even in bad reception. Since you can download files in advance, you can propose on mobile even in offline. You can check materials taking advantage of your spare time in a place where radio wave is restricted such as subway and hospital. You get an environment that you can concentrate on business without worrying about the radio wave condition.


Sharing images taken with the camera attached to the terminal
Safe and secure with file takeout restrictions

If you want to take photos on site and share the image without stress as it is, we recommend Fleekdrive Mobile. Images taken with the camera attached to the mobile terminal are uploaded to Fleekdrive at high speed as it is. Once you set e-mail notification, automatically the notification can be sent. In addition, Even if you lose your device by any chance, you can prevent information leakage by the lock function of each terminal.


Checking/working/approval with the smartphone are also possible.
It firmly respond to projects that require speed.

Don’t you have trouble that you have to share a file immediately, but it can be done by only the computer in the company? If you have a smartphone and Fleekdrive mobile, you can transmit at high speed on the cloud and share it without any time difference. It is very convenient because you can check materials and create work anytime and anywhere in your hand, and you can settle more.


Securely send a big data such as movies by the cloud

Have you troubled with e-mail due to send large-capacity data or images over the capacity? Fleekdrive Mobile is very useful when broadcasting to multiple members without restriction on file size and number on the cloud. Furthermore, security measures such as transmission by SSL and password setting are solid.

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