File sharing according to purposes and scenes

By changing the file sharing method and delivery method according to the purpose and task scenes, secure, and convenient collaboration are implemented.

File sharing firmly holding important points


Anytime, anywhere, with anyone.

Storing files on Fleekdrive makes it easy to share files with everyone such as people in the company, people in the office, people moving in the field service, people working in the teleworking and satellite offices, and even business partners.


It can protect confidential documents.

We provide several mechanism to protect confidential documents such as password-protected download link to pass the file, set the access period of the folder, insert the acquisition time and the name of the acquired person in the watermark when downloading the file, and other methods.


Browse without downloading.

With Fleekdrive, you can browse all files including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, AI, EPS, PSD, images, movies, etc. in the browser. download the file is not required.

Allow only browsing without passing a file

In a scene that require highly confidential file transmission, it is common to assign a password to ZIP and send it by attaching to the mail. However, passwords can be deciphered quickly with free software or free password analysis service.
Files left in the other party’s hands may be transferred to various places.
People inside the company permits downloading, on the other hand external users, such as partners, can only browse files so that security concerns in the management and sharing of confidential files are eliminated.

For example, the employee and the partner


Only display without download the file

To share the file with user without download.
It shares the important files such as design documents without giving to the user with the privilege settings to show them only on the browser.
Since it doesn’t need the file download, you can speed up your work without worrying about using old file.

Secured sending/receiving for file transmission

For example, the sales personnel and the client


File delivery

To the users who don’t have the account.
If you want to send a file only once, such as product introduction document, file delivery is effective. It is also possible to check whether delivered file is downloaded or not.
It has follow up function to the user who didn’t receive the file.

When sending a file, it is convenient to send by attaching it to an email. However, it also has the following problems.

– Can not attach large size file

– Can not identify when the mail is received

When sending multiple files such as product introduction materials with Fleekdrive, file distribution function is effective.

When using file distribution function, the download URL will be notified to the recipient by e-mail.
It is also possible to set a function to receive a file unless enter a password to receive the file from the download page.

In addition, it is possible to check who received the delivered file, and contact to the persons who have not received it yet.

File interaction with people without user ID

In addition to file sharing among people who have a user ID, it is possible to share files and collect files to people who do not have a user ID.

Sharing foldersIssue the URL for access to the allowed folder. The user can access the URL and download the file. You can also set permissions for uploading to folders, so it’s the best way when you want to collect files from users without accounts.

Sharing filesYou can also issue a download URL for each file.
It is the best way when you decide who you want to download for each file. Ideal for exposing only a file in a folder.

For example, the marketing and the consumer


Issue the published URL

If the file needs to share with the user who has no account.
Bidirectional exchange, such as file addition and uploading, is also possible by issuing a URL for only the decided space. It is also possible to issue URLs for each file, and you can publish URLs of PDFs such as product catalogs and link them from your company’s website.

Both computer and mobile, all files are always up to date.

For example, the head office and the factory


Synchronize cloud and local

It’s effective for sharing the latest file with many updates and multiple environments.
It is inefficient if you download files that frequently occur updates such as specifications and product manuals every time. Updated files are automatically synchronized to your computer. By synchronizing your computer at the workplace with the computer at home, it keeps up-to-date without your consciousness.

You can view the latest file no matter where you are.With the Fleekdrive desktop, all files are synchronized between local and cloud. If you save the file on your computer, you can view the latest file on your smartphone while you are out.

All project members can use the same folder/file.Even if you leave your smartphone on the go, you can share files, easily add, move, and edit files, and always use the latest version.

Improvement of operational efficiency and team information sharing efficiency.Storing files in a shared folder automatically sends notifications to team members, so there is no need to inform them of changes by e-mail.

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