Document management to derive the value of a file

Various functions for managing and utilizing files are fully loaded. It is plain but very important work such as "find a file quickly" and "arrange unnecessary files" faster and easier. You can concentrate on the main task and derive outcomes.


Manage inactive files separately

When unused files are remaining, the storage will look like a trash can. Inactive files can be stored as archive for the file management.


Version management

It’s difficult to manage files which are updated every time. If you upload a file with the same name, the version will be managed automatically. Version can be selected in 4 stages, major, minor, revision, build. It is also possible to retrieve old version files.


Generation management

Generation management of files can be performed to the specified spaces as rules of the organization. When the file exceeds the generation, you can automatically delete the old version and secure the space capacity.


Full text search

Files should be not only stored but also need to use effectively. It’s possible to search up to the character string in the file so that you can immediately access the necessary files as needed. It’s compatible with documents in English, Chinese, as well as Japanese. Documents with high usefulness are displayed from the past download status and reference status to the top, so you can quickly access the information you want.


Categorize files with tags

In order to access the necessary files faster, it’s possible to manage and search files by categorizing them by tagging files as well as file name search and full text search function. In addition, the tags are displayed in a tree structure and grouping is easy.


Automatically manage lifecycle of the file

The file will be created and the day will come when it will no longer be used. Files that have been uploaded and have passed the specified period can be automatically set to move to archive or trash. You will be released from organizing old files.


Customize attribute items

For example, it’s possible to add a document control number to the attribute field of a file, and to manage it automatically when uploading. Each organization can add more items as necessary, making it easier to manage.


Manage various file formats

Many file formats that can be saved and viewed, implement management appropriately for each format. You can also store movie files in GB units such as MP4 and MP3, as well as Office files and Adobe files, and streaming playback with Fleekdrive player.


File update notification

When the file on the cloud is updated, you can automatically notify the concerned person by e-mail, and you can save the trouble of sending mail every time. It’s possible to carry out information sharing more smoothly.

No limit on file size and number of files

Collaboration platform has no limit on the number and capacity of files to use. You can use unrestricted use of increasing files. There is no limit to the size of one file, it’s possible to store large files such as 10 GB.

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