Collaborate editing files while discussing in chat

By changing the file sharing method and delivery method according to the purpose and task scenes, secure, and convenient collaboration are implemented.

Real time editing anywhere in/out of the office
Collaborative editing with many people by Fleekdirive


Communication is activated, organization’s power is strengthened.

Through collaborative work, communication is activated naturally. Teamwork is well-coordinated, and organization’s power is strengthened.


Ideas come up and improve the quality of the file

There is no need to worry about it. Brainstorming while watching the same file will refine the file with the ideas.


The overwrite risk is eliminated and the work efficiency is improved.

It will not inadvertently overwrite files edited by someone with older content. The rework is resolved, and business efficiency can be improved.


Latency is reduced and work speed is increased

The time to wait for someone to finish editing or waiting for the approval are reduced, and the speed of work is raised.

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Fleekdrive focuses on “collaborative work” where multiple people can collaborate on a single job, and not only manages and shares simple files, but also by collaborating and editing files while chatting in real time, the team will maximize collaboration work.

Advanced check in/check out

If your team members want to edit the file while you are editing the file, you will be notified of editing permission. Advanced control such as “This time only” or “Continuously allow” is possible.

If you do not want to be edited by other people, you can implement the same thing as check-in (exclusive control) unless you allow it.

Advanced check in/check out

Team meeting is possible anywhere

Since you can chat while checking the file, you can work at once in a team.


Team meeting is possible anywhere

You can join the team meeting on mobile from the cafe on the go. Collaboration is possible regardless of time and place, such as participating in a meeting from the satellite office.


Sharing a short time and making effective utilization

There is a meeting in real time sharing method. Secure place and time, distribution of materials etc. Team members gather on-line while chatting at their own desk, sharing time in real time and proceeding jointly, so you can save labor, such as troublesome equipment reservation, sending e-mails of handouts in advance.

Useless mail



Activate communication with mentions and stamps

By using mentions and stamps in business, communication is activated and you can go to the goal by unifying the team vector. When you communicate through e-mail, it’s hard to inform the detailed nuances.

With the file chat function, You do not have to type fixed phrases such as “I appreciate your attention to this matter.”

In the mention, the partner you want to convey becomes explicit. It’s possible to talk in expressively with a stamp, and it can tell softly even when create bitter feelings with only sentences.


Collaboration can be continued even file is created

Creating the file is not the end
Mechanism for improving by utilizing it

By attaching “Like!”, you can react immediately to the file, and communication can be activated.


Benefits of rating

By rating, you can quickly locate highly valued content on the dashboard and you can utilize it.

For example, Materials highly valued from customers can be utilized by members of the team, while materials with low evaluation can be improved within the team.

It’s not just a storage for store, you will be able to utilize and improve it.

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