Automate simple tasks

Automate routines for daily relating to files.

By making email communication and approval processes much more efficient, you can concentrate on your work and creative collaboration.

File storage and automatic notification

It is troublesome for you to contact by e-mail when uploading a file and you may forget the contact itself.

When Fleekdrive updates the file, it can automatically send e-mail notification to the selected user in advance, so it will not take time and no omission will occur.



Automatic workflow triggered by file storage

When exchanging files with outside partners, such as partner companies, many companies need to get approval from the superior before sharing files.

With Fleekdrive you can automate workflows and automate the process up to file sharing with partners. What you need to do is just upload the file!

Automatic execution of file movement with rules

The file has a lifecycle from the creation to no longer used.
With “life cycle management” function, you can manage the file such as store it to file space and deletion or archive it and delete completely with the setting of store period.

For example, by automatically moving files that are no longer used 10 years ago, it is possible to organize space on the cloud without trouble. There is no need for administrators to judge whether they are necessary or not, by looking at the file update date.



Automatic version and generation management

Automatic version managementIf you upload a file with the same name, the version will be managed automatically. Version can be selected in 4 stages, major, minor, revision, build.

Generation managementGeneration management of files can be performed to the specified spaces as rules of the organization. When the file exceeds the generation, you can automatically delete the old version and secure the space capacity.

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