Secure File Management with Salesforce

Salesforce features will be further enhanced by using it on Salesforce, collaboration with both inside and outside the company is improved.

Salesforce has many file management functions, but it was necessary to understand the limitations of capacity and management method before using it.
With Fleekdrive, you can manage files, share and distribute all on one stop without worrying about restrictions and usages.
Collaboration with both inside and outside the company will accelerate.

More powerful storage than Salesforce

If you manage business data with Salesforce by centralized management in Salesforce, you can prevent spreading of information.

Fleekdrive can solve problem of systematic management of the folder, file size restriction, and disk capacity which are problems of file management in Salesforce.



Managing files related to records of objects

You can manage various Salesforce data in association with files in shared space on the cloud. Since Fleekdrive’s convenient file management function can be used as it is, work can be done smoothly and speedily, such as arranging, storing and operating files for each case, and the work efficiency will dramatically increase.

For example, it manages the object of each agency in association with a record of object such as sales promotion materials and contracts, and easily manage privileges of each user.

Linkage with Chatter

When saving the file, the URL link of the storage space is notified to the specified Chatter group, and you can access the file storage location directly by clicking.

Access control of Fleekdrive’s own space can be used with the privileges set by the administrator and members that are not eligible can not acquire files.



Collaboration with Community users

Fleekdrive also supports the Salesforce Community license.

By inviting community users such as customers and cooperating companies to the space, update and manage specifications can be done jointly, it’s possible to collaborate with people outside the company by sharing technical documents such as user manuals and proposals to business partners in sales.

Linkage by REST API

Linkage with other systems is possible using API. Functions that can be operated on the screen can also be executed from the program via the API.

It’s possible to make actions automatically such as create your own screen and file uploading and downloading link with other systems.


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