Web delivery of computerized forms

Web delivery can be implemented by storing the PDF/Excel form to Fleekdrive link with our family product, Fleekdrive!


Web delivery of several forms

One stop from a form creation to delivery can be done by the cloud only!

By storing the form outputted from the cloud service Fleekform to Fleekdrive, it’s possible to implement all the operation patterns expected by the customers.

Since Fleekform has sort function, for example, it’s possible to distribute bills to the space for each business partner.

Features of Fleekform

Simple design by Excel


Dedicated designer is not required. Since it can be designed exclusively with Excel, layout correction can be done immediately. Reuse existing Excel sheet as a template is possible.

Various forms such as graphs


Variable forms such as quotations and invoices, sales trend, personal skill sheet and form with inserted images such as property list and item list can be implemented.

Linkage by REST API


By using the API, it’s possible to link with fewer systems and fewer man-hours.

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