Fleekdrive desktop

Implement the same computer environment as the company anywhere in the world

Simply putting the file in the sync folder, the same work environment is reproduced on any computer. The file is always the latest version without trouble to download and mail it. Security was also thorough as it was developed for enterprises, not for consumers.


Whether you are outside or at home, same work environment as in the office

Browsing and editing the latest file via online in real time

If you advanced sync setting your company ‘s computer and home computer, you can reproduce the same work environment as it is on any computer, you can view and edit files in real time. There is no need to mail the materials in the process of being created from the company to home. Also, If you keep the client computer synchronized, you can instantly share the file by simply updating the file on the cloud.


With real-time sharing, huge amounts of materials are always up-to-date

It’s possible to respond quickly to sudden proposal to customer

Product and sales materials are frequently updated and the product prices are also changed so that the latest materials have to be downloaded. In addition, the location of the latest version of the document is not clear and eventually old information or price are submitted to the customer. With the Fleekdrive desktop, the latest information of files are shared in real time no matter where you are. Moreover, there is no need to download latest file to your computer and your work efficiency is increased.

No need to check or download the manuals which is updated frequently.

No need to check or download the manuals which is updated frequently.

The manual keeps the latest version and work efficiency is improved. work errors and troubles can be reduced.

New products and repair manuals are frequently updated, and it is disadvantageous when clarifying which materials are latest. Owing to the omission of downloading the latest manual and work mistakes happen frequently with old manual, as a result, inquiries and complaints increase to product support.

Fleekdrive desktop can be shared the latest manual shared in real time.

It’s possible to prevent work errors due to differences in manual version in advance.

System installation is ease without complicated work in a short time at all.


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